Common Questions About
Sake, Answered!


Dec 22, 2022

Common Questions About Sake, Answered!

How much alcohol does sake have? Is sake actually rice wine? What foods do I pair it with?

These are just a few of the common questions we get about sake, and we are here to help! Check out the following articles for a quick and easy primer on the ins and outs of sake, and soon you will be tasting the brew like a pro.

Sake 101: The Basics

Japan's national beverage is made by fermenting rice, and has an average alcohol content of around 14-16%. Although the brewing process is similar to beer, the finished product is more reminiscent of wine (and these days sake is often served in wine glasses!). There are a variety of grades to sake, which you can learn about from our beginner-friendly guide.

Easy Sake Pairing Ideas

Do you think sake can only be paired with sushi or other Japanese dishes? Think again! Just like wine and beer, sake can be paired with a wide range of foods and cuisines, thanks to the subtle umami flavor that helps enhance the flavor of other dishes.

Get some inspiration from one of New York’s top chefs, and discover how sake can marry beautifully with meats, fish and even cheese!

No Alcohol? No Problem

No Alcohol? No Problem

Sake and byproducts of the brewing process are thought to have great health benefits, and there are various options if you want to avoid alcohol. For instance, try some amazake, a delicately sweet drink made with rice malt diluted with water. In Japan it is considered a perfect winter nightcap or quick snack, especially after exercise.

There are a number of other foods and drinks that allow you to get the benefits and flavors of sake without getting tipsy, which you can find in the article below.

Getting Fukushima Sake in the U.S.

As of 2022, Fukushima Prefecture has won nine consecutive gold medals at the National New Sake Competition, so if you are new to sake and want to start out with some tried and tested varieties, you are in good hands!

Many Fukushima sake brewers export their creations to the U.S, which can be purchased online and at select shops, or you can scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of restaurants that serve our brews. Check out our recommendations, and find out where to purchase them.