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-Fukushima Sake Story-


Feb 10, 2022

Why Fukushima's Sake gets the first prize in Japan?

For seeking the answer, we traveled around Fukushima in the harvest season of rice which Japanese Sake made of.Water born from a rich natural landscape. Sakagura Sake store house and achievement of Toji master brewer, they has been inherited for long times. In Fukushima, there are 50 Sakagura, in there, Sake has been developed by inherited skill and continual improvement, in harmony with the regions and competitive with each other.

Fukushima is also production area of various kinds of ingredients. Chefs in that Fukushima try to get a great Sake with high dimensions and diversity. Sake also has been honed by dishes.

That culture and environment are the answer of the championship of Fukushima's Sake.

In this time, we shot and made a film products about culture and environment concerning Sake by 8k camera, we 'd like to share it to the world widely.

Direction / Editor:EikawaYuki
Filming:Takashi Matsumura、Motonari
BabaMusic:Wolves Unite Japan, Inc.

(Nature and brewers)

When the snow deepens, Fukushima sake breweries start preparation.

As the rice steaming process proceeds in Aizu breweries, icicles from the roof continues growing. After filming places related to sake making in Fukushima, I felt I understood where the charm of Fukushima's sake came from, and was overcome by the deepness and the mysteriousness of making sake. The rivers flowing from the snowy mountains contain clear shiny water, which gave me an image that overlapped with sake beingpoured.

Planning : Fukushima Trade Promotion Division
Director / Editor : Yuki Nagakawa
Camera : Takashi Matsumura, Motonachi Baba
Music : Big Score Audio

The full-length version of the video is below:

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