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Meet the Brewers! Free Tasting of Fukushima Sake


Tuesday, January 23 · 4pm-7pm
Wednesday, January 24 · 4pm-7pm


Union Square Wine & Spirits
140 4th Avenue, New York City

About the event

Coming all the way from Japan to NYC, Nobuhiro Hosoi, sake master and president of Kokken Brewery (Jan 23, 24) and Nobuo Shoji, sake master and president of Yumegokoro Brewery (Jan 24) will be on site to share their sake and chat with attendees.
Don’t miss this chance to try the following varieties from 7 different breweries in Fukushima.

January 23
Junmai Kokken(Kokken Brewery)
Yamahai Junmai Kokken(Kokken Brewery)
Junmai Daiginjo NARAMAN (Yumegokoro Sake Brewery)
NARAMAN Junmai-shu Muroka Binhiire (Yumegokoro Sake Brewery)
Aizu Chujo - Junmai Ginjo Yumenokaori (Tsurunoe Shuzo)
Aizu Chujo - Junmai (Tsurunoe Shuzo)
Aizu Chujo - Junmai Ginjo Yuri (Tsurunoe Shuzo)

January 24
Daiginjo Kokken(Kokken Brewery)
Tokubetsu Junmai Kokken Yume no Kaori (Kokken Brewery)
Uka Black Label Organic Junmai Daiginjo (Ninki Brewery)
Uka Dry Organic Junmai Daiginjo (Ninki Brewery)
Uka Sparkling Organic Junmai Daiginjo (Ninki Brewery)
Masakura Kimoto Junmai Ginjo (Daishichi Sake Brewery)
Kimoto Umeshu(Daishichi Sake Brewery)
Tenmei Junmai Hi-ire Orange Label (Akebono Sake Brewery)

You are welcome to attend on both days!
(Theme and sake varieties are subject to change depending on availability)

Enjoy a special 15% discount on sake varieties served at the tasting and a 10% discount on all Fukushima sake!

RSVPs encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome.

Details and reservations:

January 23

January 24